Airbus Helicopters Inc. Featuring Seminole County Sheriff’s H125 AStar Helicopter at ALEA in Savannah

 Airbus Helicopters Inc. is exhibiting a Seminole County (FL) Sheriff’s Office H125 AStar at the 2016 Airborne Law Enforcement Association (ALEA) Annual Conference and Expo in Savannah, GA, July 18-23.

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office operates two H125s (formerly AS350 B3e) to conduct a wide variety of law enforcement missions, including patrol, search and rescue, and aerial firefighting with a Bambi bucket. Airbus Helicopters Inc. produced the Seminole Sheriff’s H125s at the company’s Columbus, MS, production facility. Metro Aviation in Shreveport, LA, installed the law enforcement completion package.

“The H125 has been a workhorse for our agency,” says Sgt. Steve Farris, chief pilot of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Aviation Unit. “The power and performance of the H125 make it easy for us to perform all of our missions, and the support that we get from Airbus Helicopters with spare parts and training has been excellent.”

“The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office has been our customer for over 10 years, and their H125 has proven to be reliable and mission-ready to support the deputies on the ground,” says Ed Van Winkle, director of Market Segment Sales for Airbus Helicopters Inc. “The tail-rotor authority of the H125, combined with the power of the Arriel 2D engine, gives SCSO pilots the capability to conduct hoist operations and firefighting in the heat and humidity of central Florida, while still providing a significant safety margin.”

Airbus Helicopters’ H125/AS350 AStar-series helicopters are the most widely purchased helicopters by U.S. law enforcement agencies. More than 240 are in use nationwide by 44 different law enforcement agencies, 75 of the helicopters being delivered in the last five years.

Airbus Helicopters Inc. leads the U.S. market in sales of new helicopters to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies with a 56 percent market share over the last decade. The spacious cabin and modern safety features of the H125, including energy-attenuating seats, a crash-resistant fuel system, and a vehicle and engine multifunction display, make the AStar an industry leader. The cost-effective H125 is the latest model with high cruise speed and range and the ability to conduct a wide range of missions. It is built and certified in Columbus, MS.

For more information on Airbus Helicopters' law enforcement helicopters, stop by ALEA Booth #110 at the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center.