Baker Aviation and IEP Target Airlines with New HOT-STOP® ‘L’ Fire Containment Technology

Baker Aviation and IEP Target Airlines with New Hot-Stop® ‘L’ Fire Containment TechnologyBaker Aviation, a full-service aircraft maintenance, management and charter company in North Texas and exclusive distributor for the HOT-STOP® ‘L’ Fire Containment Kits, is introducing the new HOT-STOP® ‘L’ Evolution with an added zipper closure that was inspired by the commercial airline market.

“The variety of lithium-ion battery-powered devices carried on board airliners today are an unknown threat; therefore, we developed the Evolution bag with a new closure system that has an additional zipper that will contain fire and smoke emissions from a wide range of devices,” says Ray Goyco, Jr., president and chief operating officer at Baker Aviation. “The additional zipper closure will effectively contain excess smoke that might come from items manufactured with more plastic and less metal, the way many consumer electronics are made today. Airlines are looking for containment solutions to minimize the risk of these unknown devices, including portable charger packs and internal equipment, such as defibrillators and electronic flight bags carried inside the cockpit. And this Evolution HOT-STOP product is addressing these needs."

“IEP has always led the way with fire- and smoke-containment technology for lithium-ion battery devices, and our new Evolution product represents the technology advancement that airlines are looking for,” explains Thomas Connolly, president of Industrial Energy Products (IEP), the manufacturer of HOT-STOP®. “The ability to quickly and efficiently contain fire and smoke is always priority one in an emergency onboard any aircraft. There is nothing else on the market that can match the agility and light weight in which HOT-STOP® will contain a runaway device."

The HOT-STOP® ‘L’ Fire Containment Kit safely contains fires, explosions and smoke emissions from lithium-ion-powered devices without the aid of a water supply; however, HOT-STOP® products allow for the use of water for airlines and operators complying with SAFO FAA recommendations. The distinctive HOT-STOP® ‘L’ solution has been successfully demonstrated twice in live fire evaluations at the FAA Technical Center in Atlantic City, NJ, and further independently fire-tested by flight departments and airlines.

As the only product in this market to receive burn certifications, the HOT-STOP® ‘L’ is different from other products. Fast and easy to use, the lightweight HOT-STOP® ‘L’ kit includes a pair of 14-inch fire safety gloves.  The bag can be used to store a laptop, tablet, or smartphone when not in use, contain an overheating device, or contain one that is in full thermal runaway. The bags are made up of multiple durable fabrics with a felt inner core that has a 3200°F melting point which is sandwiched between two outer layers that have a 2080°F melting point and are proven to absorb energy and fire while minimizing the escape of smoke, sparks and flames.