Rural Fire Service of New Zealand Appoints Australian Heliponents as Exclusive Distributor of HELiFire Monsoon Buckets

Australian Heliponents Pty Ltd of Queensland, Australia, announces it has been appointed by Rural Fire Service of New Zealand to be its exclusive Australian distributor of the full range of collapsible HELiFIRE™ Monsoon Buckets and HELiFOAM™ Class-A Foam Direct Injection Systems.

“At Rural Fire Service we design and manufacture a range of reliable, low-weight, compact and easy to maintain collapsible HELiFIRE™ Monsoon Buckets,” says Captain Simon Osborne.

The products are known for their strength and freestanding ability. Although there are a number of other suppliers of helicopter buckets around the world, only Rural Fire Service produces buckets that can be filled and left freestanding on the ground.

The range of low-weight, freestanding HELiFIRE™ Monsoon Buckets are manufactured from stainless steel and yellow urethane-reinforced liners, producing a durable and effective aerial firefighting system for helicopter pilots and wildfire managers.

Osborne says, “HELiFIRE™ Monsoon Buckets are hover-fill capable from both stationary and moving water sources and can be used to dispense water and fire suppressants or retardants through fire passes and stationary drops to support firefighting operations. Other features include rapid installation/removal, multiple drop capability, internal foam injection system, and they can be landed and used as a source of water to support firefighters or as a simple-to-use rescue device to extract people in danger.”

HELiFIRE™ Monsoon Buckets are used by operators around the world, including New Zealand, Tasmania, Northern Tertiary, Queensland, New South Wales, South Africa, Europe and China.

Osborne adds, “Rural Fire Service of New Zealand has never previously been represented in Australia and are looking forward to promoting our HELiFIRE™ Monsoon Bucket and its unique capabilities in the region and believe that the partnership allows the Rural Fire Service to expand and consolidate our presence on the Australian market. In addition, Australian Heliponents also adds value with their professional aviation maintenance and engineering services.”