AIA Pilot

Customs & Border Protection (CBP):  Securing America's BordersNewly appointed AIAs that Enter on Duty (EOD) in a Caribbean Air and Marine Branch (CAMB) duty location, have been authorized to receive a 25% recruitment incentive in-addition to, LEAP and overtime pay.A fully trained Air Interdiction Agent (AIA) may be eligible for overtime pay (up to an additional 25% of salary).  Air Interdiction Agents (AIA) may also have a higher starting salary based on their duty location.  Please visit the OPM website for more information.Discover a challenging and rewarding career with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the sole organization responsible for securing the nation's borders. CBP employees protect our Nation's borders from terrorism, human and drug smuggling, illegal migration, and agricultural pests while simultaneously facilitating the flow of legitimate travel and trade. This is a career ladder position with a grade level progression of GS-11, GS-12 and GS-13.  You will be eligible for a promotion to the next higher grade level (without re-applying) once you successfully complete 52 weeks in each grade level (with supervisor approval).  For example you could:  

  • start as an AIA in July 2017 as a GS-11 and make $60,210 - $75,262 per year*
  •  be promoted in July 2018 to GS-12 and make $72,168 - $90,210 per year*
  •  be promoted in July 2019 to GS-13 and make $85,816 - $107,270 per year*

*Please note this example includes a range of minimum locality pay up to maximum potential salary with overtime earnings.  Pay rates are based on the 2017 "Rest of the United States" salary table and does not take into consideration higher locality pay where applicable or yearly cost of living increases.  Polygraph Information:  Air Interdiction Agent (AIA) is a polygraph-designated position.  You must complete and pass a polygraph examination to be eligible for the position.  If you are a Veteran and have a current TS-SCI clearance, you may be eligible for a polygraph waiver. Polygraph Reciprocity:  CBP may accept the results of a prior federal polygraph exam in lieu of a CBP polygraph exam.  You may request reciprocity at the time of polygraph exam scheduling.  Duties

  • Apply to this exciting opportunity to strengthen the Department's and our partners' ability to perform their homeland security functions by doing the following:
  • Conduct air to air, air to water, and air to ground border interdiction of people and conveyances illegally crossing U.S. borders
  • Patrol oceans, lakes, and rivers to prevent the illegal entry of weapons of terror
  • Prohibit illegal narcotics and prevent the entry of undocumented aliens
  • Being an Air Interdiction Agent makes you a valuable member of the Federal Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) profession.  Typical assignments include:
  • Operating Unmanned Aerial Systems performing law enforcement missions
  • Performing interdiction duties that include intelligence gathering, detecting, intercepting, tracking, apprehending, testifying and acting as liaison with other Federal, State, local, tribal and foreign law enforcement agencies
  • Developing strategies to track aircraft, vessels and people to accomplish an effective and successful interdiction
  • Gathering and sharing intelligence information on illegal activities or potential acts of terrorism with internal customers, the general aviation and marine communities and other law enforcement agencies
  • Testifying under oath before a grand jury, federal court proceedings and/or other legal proceedings

Travel Required25% or GreaterYou will be required to travel frequently. This may require extended foreign and domestic, Temporary Duty (TDY) assignments.Relocation AuthorizedYesRelocation will be paid for Puerto Rico and St. Thomas, VI locations ONLY.

Pilot-Rotary Wing
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Job Type: 

Job Requirements

  • FAA Commercial or ATP - Airplane or Helicopter rated w/instruments or both
  • 1500 flight hrs. 100 within last 12 months; *waiver see Qualifications
  • Possess a current FAA Class I or Class II medical certificate
  • You must be a U.S. citizen to apply for this position
  • Referred for selection prior to age 40; waiver for vets, see Other Info
  • You must successfully pass a polygraph exam & background investigation
  • You must have resided in the U.S. for the last 3 years; AD military exempt
  • You will be required to carry a firearm and have a valid driver's license
  • You must meet job-related medical, fitness and drug-testing standards

QualificationsThe qualification requirements listed below must be met by closing date of this announcement. You qualify for the GS-11 grade level (starting salary $60,210 up to $75,262 with potential overtime) if you possess one year of specialized work experience that demonstrates the ability to:

  • Fly as a Pilot-in-Command or sole manipulator in an airplane and helicopter in all environments of flight, including night, poor weather, unfavorable terrain, low altitudes or speed;
  • Ability to evaluate information rapidly and make judicious decisions promptly during in-flight operations;
  • Develop strategies and coordinate aircraft and ground assets;
  • Use information systems and databases to conduct information surveys, queries, update files and disseminate information
  • To be eligible for overtime, employees must be fully trained.
  • National Service Experience (i.e., volunteer experience) Experience refers to paid and unpaid experience, including volunteer work done through National Service programs (e.g., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) and other organizations (e.g., professional; philanthropic; religious; spiritual; community, student, social). Volunteer work helps build critical competencies, knowledge, and skills and can provide valuable training and experience that translates directly to paid employment. You will receive credit for all qualifying experience, including volunteer experience.

Certificates, Ratings and Flight Experience:

  • You must possess and provide proof of the following, at time of application in order to meet the basic requirements of this position:
  • A current FAA Commercial or ATP Pilot Certification with the following ratings: 
  • Dual Rated: Airplane (Single-engine land or multi-engine land) with instrument rating AND Rotorcraft Helicopter with instrument rating;  OR
  • Airplane Rated: Airplane (Single-engine land or multi-engine land) with instrument;  OR
  • Helicopter Rated: Rotorcraft Helicopter with instrument rating.
  • An FAA Medical Certificate First or Second Class. Either one must be dated within the last 12 calendar months and valid through the closing date of this announcement.  However, at the time of your Flight Assessment you MUST have an FAA 1st Class Medical Certificate dated within the previous 12 calendar months. Military flight medicals cannot be used - you must possess an FAA 1st or 2nd class  Medical certificate.
  • Have 1500 hours total flight time. Within the 1500 hours you must have/show; 250 hours as Pilot-in-Command; 75 hours Instrument, and 75 Night hours, and 100 within the last 12 months.  The flight logs you provide at time of application must clearly show all flight hours listed above.  Your physical flight log book(s) will be required for verification at the time of your Flight Assessment.
  • *Note: Up to 500 of the 1500 flight hour requirement may be waived upon verification of specialized experience (e.g. general military flight experience and training, complex aircraft flight instructor experience, multi-engine aircraft time, night vision device operations, imminent danger flight time and terrain and/or over water flight operations).
  • You must meet all qualification requirements, by the closing date of this announcement.  Qualifications are subject to verification at any stage of the application process.

Flight Hour Waiver:

  • The experience you use to request consideration for the Flight Hour Waiver (FHW) must be submitted at time of application.  Please list all of your FHW experience on a sheet titled #8216;Flight Hour Waiver Request'.  Your request should include all of the following items: dates of experience, hours per week, title and a detailed description of experience.
  • Please see the following example:
  • General military flight experience and training