JOBPURPOSE:1. Responsible to the AES Commander to provide dayto day advice on matters pertaining to structural engineering for all RSAF aircraft, including but notlimited to: F-15, Typhoon, Tornado, Boeing 707, C-130, Bell 212/412, Cougarand UAV's.2.Provides a primary point of contact for all RSAF structural engineering issues.3. Enhance RSAF engineering authority capability with regards to structural engineering. EDUCATION:1. Engineering Degree BEng (Hans) in Structural Engineering or relateddiscipline, e.g.  Mechanical/Aeronautical Engineering.2.  Master's Degree or higher(Chartered Engineer status isdesirable).3. A minimum of 10 years of experience in aircraftstructural design engineering. 

Aviation Placements
Job Type: 
Saudi Arabia (No Specific City Selected), International Saudi Arabia

QUALIFICATIONS:Essential knowledge:1. Excellent knowledge of standard aircraftcomponents, materials, composites, metals,fabrication practices, aviationhardware, integration and proper applications in design with a thoroughunderstanding of the use andapplication of aircraft technical data.2. Possess knowledge of engineering principles used in stress analysis, 3D computermodeling,and other analytical substantiation techniques. Experience utilizingCAD software and/or 3D modeling software with obvious and demonstrableproficiency.3. Experience in engineering management with a thoroughknowledge of engineering authority processes. 4. Working knowledgeof international regulation and policy for military and civil aviation as well as InternationalTrade in Arms Regulations (ITAR) compliance and conformance.5. Practical knowledge of workshop practices and procedures.6. A basicA basic understanding of aircraft systems, their function and operation.7. Broad appreciation of military aircraft design with specific experience in the design and development of aircraft structural engineering projects. The aircraft structuralapplications will be the focus ofknowledge for fatigue indexanalysis, structural integrity inspections, authorized structural modificationsand updates, and engineering analysis of aircraft platforms.8. Able to develop and integrate concepts that involverequirements, design, prototyping, production, testing, training and logisticssupport in all phases of the weapon systemlife cycle, including all aspectsof technical program that' involve trade-off of performance, lifecycle cost, risk, producability, supportability,testability and other engineeringrequirements. Possess knowledge of engineering principles used in stress analysis, 3D computer modelingand other analytical substantiation techniques.9. Good written and verbal communication skills in the English language.10. Strong leadership qualities with proven interpersona1 and teamworking skills.11. Computer literate and an experienceduser ofAutoCAD and the Microsoft Office suite of programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project