CH-47F Instructor Pilot

The CH-47F Instructor Pilot shall have the skills required to effectively lead and manage a small team, under austere conditions, with minimal direct supervision.  CH-47F Instructor Pilot must be prepared to execute the following courses:

  • CH-47F Hoist Operations Course
  • CH-47F Sling Load Operations Course
  • CH-47F NVG/Night/Instrument Flight Course
  • CH-47F HAMET Training Flight Course
  • CH-47F Air Assault Planning Course
  • Air Operations Planning Course
  • CH-47F Aviation Mission Planning System Course
  • CH-47F Flight Engineer Course
  • CH-47F Maintenance Operations Course
Pilot-Rotary Wing
Resicum International LLC
Job Type: 

Qualifications are as follows:

  • Previously qualified as a CH-47F Instructor
  • Pilot and qualified as an Instrument Examiner

Qualified as a CH-47F pilot with no less than:

  • 2000 total rotary pilot flight hours
  • 500 instructor pilot hours
  • 500 NVG hours
  • 500 CH-47F pilot hours

Must have previous experience in preparing, executing, supervising, and evaluating helicopter training programs, includingscenario development, orders preparation, and training activities scheduling Must have experience in flight instruction in terrain flight, tactical employment, HAMET, hoist, sling load, air assault, andmulti-ship operations incorporating Current Operating Environment (COE) Tactics Techniques and Procedures (TTP)  Previous experience conducting aviation unit fielding and training programs is highly desired but not required