CH-53 Helicopter Mechanic III (Team Lead)

Leads daily production effort for RESET support for team assigned.  Assists ensuring Quality Assurance effort by team and all 4790 and other DOD maintenance and operations processes are complied with by team, and helps ensure compliance with contract specifications. Inspects and verifies proper completion and documentation of safety and flight discrepancies. Assists Maintenance Manager to evaluate personnel, including verification of skills, training and experience. Performs routine spot checks as assist with Quality, and inspections of work centers and ongoing maintenance actions, procedures, equipment and facilities. Monitors timeliness and applicability of aircraft maintenance, and proper availability of current technical data for RESET support effort. Reviews maintenance source documents, aircraft inspection records, notes recurring discrepancies or trends and initiates appropriate action. Monitors as assist with Quality, the material deficiency and technical order improvement program. May be involved with engineering investigation requests, initiates and reviews quality deficiency reports, technical deficiency reports, and hazardous material reports, ensuring that they are accurate, clear, concise, and comprehensive. Monitors aircraft weight and balance program. Conducts training. Supports Maintenance Manager and contract performance and productivity goals and timelines.  Duties: The candidate for this task is required to ensure all maintenance and production/logistic support for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for the H-53 RESET effort, is in accordance with the Naval Aviation Maintenance (CNAF 4790) Program applicable T/M/S MIMS and technical publications and other governing instructions. Additionally, Team Lead may assist Quality with NAMPSOP program and process adherence, monitoring, quarterly audits, trend analysis, and responsibility to ensure supply/equipment support available for executing H53 RESET mission.

Job Type: 

Qualifications:  - Candidate shall have a minimum of six (6) years actual hands on experience with H-53E aircraft systems to include knowledge of the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, structural, communication and navigation systems and all sub-systems pertaining to the H-53E helicopter.  - The Team Lead shall have a minimum of two (3) years as a Quality Assurance Representative (QAR) or Collateral Duty Quality Assurance Representative (CDQAR) on the H-53 helicopter.  - The Contractor personnel shall demonstrate minimum recent experience, within the last three (3) years, with H-53E maintenance, Maintenance Instruction Manuals (MIMs), and the NAMP, COMNAVAIRFORINST 4790.2 Series maintenance practices and QA programs. - Candidate must have successfully completed H-53 system or familiarization school or equivalent experience operating as an H-53 Crew Chief. - The candidate must possess a strong work record, and high aptitude that demonstrates the capability to prepare and present both classroom and on-the-job maintenance training and technical briefings. - Must possess a valid drivers#8217; license and be eligible to successfully pass minimum background check.