CH-53 Maintenance Control Representative

CH-53E Maintenance ControllerResponsible for planning, directing, and controlling the performance and execution of aviation maintenance functions. Must possess a detailed, working knowledge of all Navy sponsored aviation maintenance programs and processes and have a complete understanding of the COMNAVAIRFORINST 4790.2B. In addition, applicant must have detailed knowledge and be extremely proficient with Optimized Nalcomis (OOMA). Requisition, receive, screen, review, route, distribute as necessary and file all incoming technical manuals media. Monitors dispersed libraries and necessary control functions todistribute data. Complies with processes established for classified technical media receipt, stowage, distribution, inventory, and disposition in accordance with current regulations. Establish and maintain a program to audit the CTPL annually, dispersed libraries quarterly, and detachment libraries on return, inaccordance with current regulations. Develop an effective check list/audit form to identify discrepancies during audits and correction action noted. GS-1411-09 Duties:

  • Assist team lead in planning, organizing, directing, and managing the maintenance and repairs of the aircraft, aircraft components, and aviation support equipment.
  • Informs team lead of work progress and advises on matters pertaining to maintenance and repairs of aircraft, aircraft components, and aviation support equipment.
  • Directs and monitors requisitioning, receipt, and allocations of materials, tools, aircraft components, and aviation support equipment.
  • Ensures all aircraft, aircraft components, and aviation support equipment maintenance data is collected and properly disseminated.
  • Ensures compliance with applicable technical publications through the maintenance instruction manuals for the CH-53E aircraft, associated systems, aeronautical components, and aviation equipment.
  • Assist team leads with the daily production effort for the RESET program by maintaining Aircraft Discrepancy Books.
  • Actively be engaged to provide real time input to OOMA.
  • Review for accuracy all maintenance source documents, aircraft inspection reports, outstanding technical directive reports, and high time components replacement reports.
  • Verify all proper documentation of all processed work orders.

Skills and experience:

  • Must have previous maintenance control experience (at least 3 years) with knowledge on mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, structural, communication and navigation systems and all subsystems pertaining to the CH-53E helicopter.
  • Must have successfully completed the Naval Aviation Maintenance Control Management for Optimized Maintenance Activity Course (C-555-0053).
  • Q/A background/CDI experience is highly desirable as well as a CH-53D/E background.
  • Must be familiar with Daily/Turnaround, Special/Conditional inspections and their signoff requirements within OOMA.
  • Skill designator MOS 6012 or Safe For Flight (SFF) qualification highly desirable.
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San Diego