Helicopter Pilot

Boatpix/Helicopter Academy is seeking pilots for the following locations:Miami, FL Torrance, CAChicago, ILNew York, NY Our company trains and then employs helicopter pilots in a guaranteed first job. We are a 141 school but this is not VA approved so you need to have cash or credit card (we do have financing so fill out an application).We take pictures of boats on warm Saturdays and Sundays when the temperature is above 70 degrees and people are recreational boating!   We sell the pictures to BOATPIX.com who then sells the pictures on speculation to the owners of the boats. This is a happy and fun contract on warm sunny days and nationwide. If you haven#8217;t flown in a while and want to get current and have a first job this might be a great opportunity for you. Dual helicopter instruction is hovering around $300/hour for piston aircraft and this program gets you 200 hours for a net of $23,000 as you pay for 100 hours at $200/hour and then you are given a job for 100 hours and paying $20/hour as an employee. This is the only guaranteed position that we know of. If you don#8217;t have a CFI we can train you for that. We can train you for all ratings, if you have the funding.    

Pilot-Rotary Wing
Job Type: 

As we don#8217;t carry people for hire our insurance minimums are simply:

  • 300 hours
  • CFI
  • 100 hours in our unique amphibious pontoon equipped piston helicopters