Test Pilot / Maintenance Test Pilot (CH-47F)

Job SummaryThe Maintenance Test Pilot obtains a detailed knowledge of operating in the AOR airspace. Must be proficient in flying in a desert environment in day, night, NVG and IFR conditions. Maintenance Test Pilot performs routine acceptance test of aircraft following corrective maintenancePrinciple Accountabilities

  • Maintenance Test Pilot, responsible for all matters pertaining to maintenance operations.
  • Ensures maintenance of all aircraft are in compliance set forth by appropriate maintenance manuals, operations directives, FAA compliance directives and contractual readiness rates.
  • Able to successfully complete all no-notice flight evaluations and exams in his/her primary aircraft.
  • Remains fully qualified in aircraft and perform as a crewmember when necessary.
  • Tests aircraft to determine compliance with specification and operational suitability.
  • Operates models of test aircraft during engineering flight tests, production acceptance, and flight test support through specifically prescribed tests and maneuvers.
  • Coordinates flight operations efforts. Approves cockpit configuration. May conduct demonstration flights with customers, government officials, or other personnel aboard to exhibit aircraft performance, flying qualities and system capabilities.
  • Over see maintenance operations, test fly and trouble shoot, manage maintenance flow.
  • Perform other related duties as requested.

Knowledge & Skills

  • U.S. Citizen, as specified in the Task Order and holder or the ability to receive Secret Security clearance
  • Level 3 English proficiency
  • Hold the rating of FAA Certificate, rotorcraft, commercial pilot, instrument
  • Be qualified in type aircraft in use.
  • In-depth knowledge of FAA regulations, US Army Maintenance procedures and regulations,
  • AR 95-20 and contract requirements.

Experience & Education

  • US ARMY AMOC(phase 1/2) Complete and qualified.
  • Have a minimum of 1,500 rotorcraft hours, 1,000 Pilot in Command hours, 600 CH-47 hours, and 375 MP hours. 250 hours night vision (preferred), 100 Instrument hours (preferred).
  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent

Physical Requirements/Working Environment

  • Desert environment
  • Current FAA Class II Flight Physical


  • As directed by Program Manager
Pilot-Rotary Wing
Job Type: 
Illesheim, Bavaria Germany
  • Must be CH-47F Qualified