RAMM Aerospace Frameless Seat Cushions Now TCCA-Approved

RAMM Aerospace announces that its Bell 206/407 frameless seat cushions are now Transport Canada Civil Aviation-approved. The Helifab TCCA supplemental type certificate (STC) SH16-41 eliminates the 206/407 seat frame entirely for all forward-facing passenger seats and will be available for all seating positions in the near future. The kits were previously approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The Bell 206/407 frameless seat cushions eliminate seat frames entirely, reducing maintenance costs, spares inventory and aircraft downtime. The unique foam buildup loses less than 15% indentation load deflection (ILD) following dynamic fatigue testing by constant force pounding (80,000 cycles).

“The innovative sculpting of our seat provides improved overall comfort and added lumbar support,” says Peggy McDonald, VP of Marketing and Sales at RAMM Aerospace. “The high-quality foam we use in the construction of the cushions does not 'bottom-out' and will provide years of comfort. We designed the covers so they can be easily removed and replaced by the operators within minutes without adhesive. Overall, a very cost-effective way to maintain aircraft seats and provide added comfort. “

The 206/407 frameless seat cushion covers are available in Naugahyde or Ultraleather with an extensive choice of colors.

For more information contact Peggy McDonald at pmcdonald@rammaero.com or call 613-676-1710.