AP Mechanic

Perform mechanical work on Cessna Grand Caravan and Piper Chieftains. Work includes airframe, sheet metal, engine, painting, avionics, be all you can be, never the same, never boring. Do the job correctly the first time, every time, take all the time you need to do it right.We also work on Astar and MD 500 Helicopters. 

Schuman Aviation Company Ltd
Job Type: 

Must have experience on the following Airframes, Engines in those airframes and Avionics:

  • Cessna Grand Caravan
  • Piper Chieftains PA31-350
  • PW PT-6
  • Bendix King and Honeywell
  • Allison C20, Lycomming LTS 101 Turbomeca
  • Helicopter AStar AS350 and MD 500

Applicant must have A&P Certificate, basic tools, read and speak English fluently, US Citizen or Green Card, work as a team and take pride in your work.*Able to Read, Understand, and Follow Instructions*Like working in shorts and T-Shirts all year around. Like having all the tools and equipment to do the job right. Like having the parts in stock or able to order it right away. Like changing the part if not sure it's 100% Airworthy, Like being home at night, every night and like being off on Sundays. Like having Management support and appreciation of your work.Thank you all the Heavy Iron and Fighter Jet mechanics that have been applying for this job in Hawaii, but sorry, I need someone who has experience in the aircraft / engines we currently operate. Don't apply if you don't have the experience in the aircraft / engines we fly. That is the first test in following instructionsIf you meet the Job Requirements and have some interest in living in Hawaii, check out Craigslist for housing first than send your resume to richard@makanikai.com or just call between 8:00 and 20:00 Hawaii Standard Time, 808-834-5813. Ask for Richard