Crew Chief AH-64D

Job SummaryThe AH-64D Plane Captain/Crew Chief will be responsible for conducting all duties normally associated with this position, to include direct or hands on maintenance, scheduled, un-scheduled, special, daily, preflight / postflight, and phase inspections. This position also includes training requirements such as OJT, and formal (as requested) and required documentation.Principle Accountabilities

  • Direct "Hands-On" Maintenance
  • Removes and installs subsystem assemblies such as engines, rotors, gearboxes, transmissions, and mechanical flight controls
  • Removes and installs subsystem components to include starters, generators and inverters, lights and batteries, pumps, reservoirs and valves, hydraulic cylinders, lines and hoses
  • Services and lubricates helicopters and helicopter subsystems
  • Prepares helicopters for extensive inspections and maintenance checks by removing items such as cowling, inspection plates, panels, doors, and auxiliary equipment
  • Performs limited maintenance operational checks to include APU run-up and scheduled inspections
  • Assists in diagnosing and troubleshooting malfunctions of helicopter subsystems using special tools and equipment as required
  • Prepares helicopters for entry into and removal from storage and prepares helicopters for shipment bysurface and air
  • Responsible for ground support equipment and tools maintenance
  • Uses and performs operator maintenance on ground support equipment and tools required for helicopter maintenance and ground handling
  • Uses and performs user maintenance on common and special tools and maintains forms and records
  • Guides subordinate personnel in the technical aspects of their duties
  • Supervises and provides technical guidance to United Arab Emirates (UAE) personnel performing AH-64D Crew Chief duties, including aircraft maintenance, inspection and logbook and record keeping, in all procedures and functions identified above.
  • Evaluates performance of trainees in skill knowledge, compliance with directives, technicalmanuals, work standards, safety procedures and operational policies.
  • Conducts formal technical training for UAE trainee personnel in AH-64D Crew Chief maintenance, inspection, supply and safety techniques using training aids, manuals, and instructional materials supplied by the UAE. Evaluates progress of trainees at established intervals during the technical training program.
  • Performs maintenance trend analysis and applies production control, quality control and other maintenance management principles and procedures to aircraft armament system maintenance, inspection and shop operations.
  • Assists in determining man hours, personnel, parts and facility requirements to maintain/repair AH -64D.
  • Plans aircraft maintenance areas, repair shops and facilities.
  • Maintains supply economy and discipline.
  • Prepares evaluation, special reports and records pertaining to systems maintenance and related activities.
  • Prepares forms and records related to aircraft maintenance.
  • Signs-off required aircraft forms to clear aircraft for flight on a daily basis.
  • Recommends and administers plans and policies.
  • Other duties as directed by immediate supervisor

Experience & Education

  • 4 years experience on the AH-64D
  • AH-64D certified or 4 years experience on the AH-64D
  • Prior military experience and training on theAH-64D

Physical Requirements/Working Environment Must have ability to work in hot, humid and sandy climates on the Flightline; Air-conditioned in the Hanger, Classroom and/or officeTravel None

Job Type: 
Abu Dhabi, Abu Zaby United Arab Emirates